CS 168 Introduction to the Internet: Architecture and Protocols, Fall 2016
Instructor: Scott Shenker
Lecture: TR 2-3:30PM, 155 Dwinelle
OH: Thurs 3:30-4:30PM, 415 Soda

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Date Announcement
8/25 Welcome to CS 168!
12/9 Final Review slides
Week Date Reading Lecture / Discussion Homeworks Projects
1 Thur 8/25 Introduction
2 Tue 8/30 Kurose and Ross (K&R) 6th and 7th edition: 1.1 (What is the Internet), 1.3 (The network core), and, if you are bored, 1.2 (The network edge) How the Internet works
Project 1: Chat (due Fri 9/9)
Wed 8/31 K&R 6th and 7th edition: 2.7 (Socket programming) Sockets and the chat project (Disc.)
Thur 9/1 K&R 6th and 7th edition: 1.4 (Delay, loss, and throughput in packet switched networks) through 1.8 (Summary) Designing the Internet
3 Tue 9/6 K&R 6th edition: 4.5 (Routing algorithms), 4.6.2 (Intra-AS routing in the Internet: OSPF)
K&R 7th edition: 5.2 (Routing algorithms), 5.3 (Intra-AS routing in the Internet: OSPF)
Fundamentals of routing
Wed 9/7 Packets in Flight (Disc.)
Thur 9/8 More Routing
4 Tue 9/13 Even more routing Project 2: Routing (due Mon 10/10)
Wed 9/14 L2/L3 Routing (Disc.)
Thur 9/15 K&R 6th and 7th edition: 3.1 - 3.4 (Introduction and transport-layer services, Multiplexing and demultiplexing, Connectionless transfer: UDP, and Principles of reliable data transfer) Reliable transport Homework 1: Routing
5 Tue 9/20 Designing IP
Wed 9/21 Distance Vector Routing (Disc.)
Thur 9/22 K&R 6th edition: 4.4.1 (Datagram format), 4.4.2 (IPv4 addressing; stop before section on network address translation), 4.4.4 (IPv6)
K&R 7th edition: 4.3.1 (Datagram format), 4.3.2 (IPv4 datagram fragmentation), 4.3.3 (IPv4 addressing), 4.3.5 (IPv6)
6 Tue 9/27 Forwarding Homework 2: Reliable transport
Wed 9/28 Forwarding (and IP) (Disc)
Thur 9/29 K&R 6th edition: 4.4.2, only the section on network address translation (p. 349)
K&R 7th edition: 4.3.4 (Network address translation)
Even more forwarding
7 Tue 10/4 Transport and TCP
Wed 10/5 Addressing (Disc)
Thur 10/6 K&R 6th and 7th edition: 2.2 (The web and HTTP), 2.5 (DNS -- The internet's directory service), 3.5 (Connection-oriented transport: TCP) DNS and web Homework 3: Forwarding
8 Tue 10/11 K&R 6th edition: 4.4.3 (Internet control message protocol), 5.7 (Retrospective: A day in the life of a web page request)
K&R 7th edition: 5.6 (ICMP: The internet control message protocol), 6.7 (Retrospective: A day in the life of a web page request)
Control protocols
Wed 10/12 Midterm review
(Come with questions!)
Thur 10/13 Midterm
9 Tue 10/18 Odds and ends Pre-Project 3 Questionnaire
Due 10/20 at 5pm
No late assignments accepted
Wed 10/19 TCP / Web (Disc)
Thur 10/20 K&R 6th and 7th edition: 3.6 (Principles of congestion control) and 3.7 (TCP congestion control) Congestion control Project 3: Measurement (due Wed 11/9)
10 Tue 10/25 More congestion control
Wed 10/26 Congestion control (Disc)
Thur 10/27 Even more congestion control
11 Tue 11/1 The Last Lecture on congestion control
Wed 11/2 HTTP and NAT (Disc)
Thur 11/3 K&R 6th edition: 4.6.3 (Inter-AS routing: BGP)
K&R 7th edition: 5.4 (Routing among the ISPs: BGP)
Highly recommended optional reading
Interdomain routing
12 Tue 11/8 More interdomain routing Homework 4: Congestion control
Wed 11/9 Interdomain routing (Disc)
Thur 11/10 Recent routing research Project 4: WAN Optimizer (due Mon 12/5)
13 Tue 11/15 More routing research, multicast Homework 5: Interdomain routing
Wed 11/16 More interdomain routing (Disc)
Thur 11/17 Multicast, Network security, and Middleboxes
14 Tue 11/22 K&R 6th edition: Borrow a friend's 7th edition!
K&R 7th edition: 5.5 (The SDN control plane)
Thanksgiving Break (November 23-25)
15 Tue 11/29 Current and Future Trends Homework 6 (worksheet): Misc.
Wed 11/30 Multicast (Disc)
Thur 12/1 Final lecture
RRR Week (December 5-9)
Finals Week (December 12-16)
Final: Tue 12/13 at 8am (location TBD)
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